Two Mothers

Two Mothers2

I have an amazing mother, I could talk about her all day!  She taught me so much and spent hours and hours serving my family in so many ways.  We didn’t have a lot of money, and she sewed us so many beautiful dresses- LONG before Etsy and Pinterest made sewing “cool”.  She did it without you-tube videos to look to for advice and with patience and love even as we squirmed and cried about being accidentally poked with pins.  I remember one specific day where she worked long into the night and even sewed on Sunday to make me a tiny dolls dress costume when she HATED sewing doll clothes.  But I was starring in my big role as “Alice” in our 4th grade puppet show version of “Alice in Wonderland” and I had messed up the homemade puppet dress I had made myself at school.  I have rarely felt more loved in my life.  She stayed up waiting for me after every single date in high school, not because she didn’t trust me, but because she couldn’t wait to sit and listen to me pour out every single detail of every single moment.  Together we talked for hours and we still do!  She is amazing, and I could want nothing more for my life than to be just as she is.

When my husband and I had been dating for a few months, and were “practically engaged” his grandfather died, and unexpectedly I was invited to travel to Arizona and attend the funeral with Armando.  I had never met his family before, and was extremely nervous!  I knew that they had particular ideas about who they wanted to marry their son, and I was terrified I wouldn’t measure up.  From the first moment my soon-to-be mother-in-law set eyes on me, she took me in.  She gave me a big hug, and then introduced me to everyone she could as her “newest daughter”.  She took me aside and asked me questions about how I felt about her son, and listened quietly as I told her of my love for him.  She let me know that I measured up, and hugged me tight.  I knew I would love her from that moment!  We haven’t always agreed on everything, and I haven’t always been the perfect daughter-in-law.  But she has loved me through it all.  She came and helped when I had my babies, and drove up within hours to be there when I was sick, and called for help.  She has served me in so many ways I cannot count and I count myself lucky to have her, not only as a mother, but as a friend.  And I can NOT underscore more importantly the value of her influence upon the man who would become my husband.  She taught him to be a gentleman, to be neat and tidy, to be a great communicator, and to value hard work and determination.  I feel her influence in my life every single day as I love and appreciate the son she shared with me.

I wish, that in our modern society- there was less media bias towards “monsters-in-law” and more appreciation of the love and service these unsung hero’s give everyday.  Mothers who didn’t raise us, but who bear with us anyway.  Mothers who treat us as equals, and love us as their own.  I encourage each of you to reach out to the woman who raised your husband, and search for a relationship that will bless both of your lives!  You will not regret it, I promise.

Thank you to BOTH of my mothers.  I wrote this poem for each of you- to show a little of my appreciation and affection, I love you!  I haven’t written a poem since I was a teenager…so you KNOW I love you!EC-Aleesha-Bio


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