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Come and be a part of the Positivity Project! Right now, in its infancy- this project is focused around a class aboutView full post »

Today IS the day

Today IS the day! Why does it always feel so momentous when we come back to something after a long break?  I loveView full post »

Deciding to have another baby…when we thought our family was complete.

So I have been decidedly abset on this site for awhile now, and I’m finally ready to admit why! We are expecting aView full post »

12 ways to tear down our walls of Self Doubt

Believe in yourself & break down your walls of Self Doubt! We, as women, come from all different aspects of life.  View full post »

5 ways to have tough conversations with kids…even when you don’t know what say

5 ways to have tough conversations with your kids, even (and especially) when you don’t know what to say. We allView full post »

Why you should STOP making New Years Resolutions!

Are you planning to make some serious changes in 2016?  Well, here’s my advice…Stop making year longView full post »

A Gift of Change… for the husband who has EVERYTHING!- Part2

In my earlier post, I regaled you with stories of my horrible housekeeping, and how I made a pledge to give the gift ofView full post »

A Gift of Change… for the husband who has EVERYTHING!

14 years ago, when my husband and I first Married, I was VERY excited for our first Christmas together. We didn’tView full post »

Home is Where the Happy is

This morning as we were driving home from carpool, my littlest asked me to turn off the song that was playing.  WeView full post »

Grand mommy’s Pound Cake Recipe, and the lessons I learned while baking it

From the time I was a little girl, I can remember my excitement to visit one of my favorite people in the world.  MyView full post »

How To Host a Neighborhood Food Drive

Hosting a food drive is a fun and easy way to help those in need in your community and teach your children the joy ofView full post »

Amy Fitzgerald is Everyday Extraordinary

This week I want to remind you that this series isn’t about comparing yourselves to these women, and seeing whereView full post »

Change your thoughts- Change your world…Join the challenge!

Many years ago, I met a wonderful girl who inspired me so much! Crystal Goodwin (now Crystal Wilkerson) seriously neverView full post »

Everyday Extraordinary Spotlight- Brandis Goodman

I sat talking to a woman not long ago, and we were surprised to discover that we are almost exactly the same age!  IView full post »

5 Favorite Tips for the Garden

I love to Garden, and can’t wait to share some of these great ideas to help you with your garden this yearView full post »

Stand up to the bully in the mirror!

When I look in the mirror, I’m not always happy with what I see. I peer at my bushy eyebrows or my pudgy nose,View full post »

Easter crafts you can EAT!

I started to do a post on great easter crafts, but the fact is- I’m just not that crafty.  I don’t LOVE View full post »

Welcome to Everyday Creative

Welcome to Everyday Creative We are a website sharing our experiences and building each other up in order to help us allView full post »

Could my child have anxiety? One mom’s perspective and 10 ways to cope

I would like to state here at the beginning that EVERYONE gets anxious sometimes.  It’s completely normal to beView full post »

I can do hard things

A person I love dearly was just diagnosed with Leukemia.  My heart is breaking for her and the challenges that lieView full post »

Everyday Creative’s 52 Project – Week 5

Project 52 – Week 5 – Leading Lines What a fun week of pictures for me!  The weather has been so dreary forView full post »

Shopping tips from a Frugal mom

Shopping tips from a Frugal mom I love my family and love to save money whenever I can!  We all have things we valueView full post »

This Week in Webland

Well Tip Junkie had my number on this post!  Here is a post all about pretzel recipes.  YUM   If you are a pretzelView full post »

This Week in Webland

Last This Week in Webland I shared a little about how I like to find joy and happiness in everyday life.  This link isView full post »

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