Shannon’s Top 10 Photo Tips for Spring – AWESOME TIPS

Every camera can do something cool if you know a few great ways of using it!  This is not your average list of picture tips!!  

{All images in this article are Not edited and shown just how they were taken!!}

Learn to take great pictures with any camera.

Learn to take great pictures with any camera.

In this post I’m excited to share with you some of the fantastic ways YOU can capture better pictures with the camera you already have.  These tips are easy to use and will really improve your photographs.   The very best thing about pictures is their ability to capture our lives as they happen and remind us of those times when we look at them later.  How many times have you looked at an image only to feel the emotions you felt that day?   Did reading that just make you smile?   Then this article is for You!  


1. Get in Closer!

This may feel like a completely obvious choice, but we humans are a bit lazy…  Moving our feet isn’t something we always think to do!   Most pictures will instantly be better for getting in a bit closer.

Us Apr14-1907

Us Apr14-1909

2. Head Placement

Most people tend to put their subjects head in the very center of the image.  Moving the head to the top of the frame will make the person fill the frame creating more interest.

Us Apr14-2045Us Apr14-2046

3. Put bright sun behind

When the sun is mid to high in the sky on a bright day turn so the sun is behind your people.  It is pretty.  Yep.  {Extra tip: Look at the shadow in front of your subject.  It should be pointed at you!}

Us Apr14-1954Us Apr14-1681

4. Be Funny

Generally when we reminisce and look back in life the darkest and funniest moments stand out.   Crack jokes and be silly, the less dignified the better, and you will be rewarded with great genuine smiles.

Us Feb14-1336

Us Feb14-1245

5. Use the Portrait or Macro setting on your camera

Most cameras, including point and shoot, cameras have a Portrait and/or Macro setting.  These are the best settings for taking pictures of flowers and people.  Get in nice and close to let the magic happen.

2014 Lifelong Impressions photographyUs Apr14-20082014 Lifelong Impressions photography

6. Look for Window Light

When inside a building get close to the windows.  Move your subjects close to windows or open doors, you move off to the side and catch pretty dramatic light on their face.

Us Apr14-1623Us Apr14-1611

7. Get in the action

A lot of times parents will send the kids out to play in the yard or at the park and watch from the porch or bench.  When you are in the action your images will be ever so much more full of life.  Getting partly behind something or someone in between you and your subject also creates great visual interest.

Us Apr14-1823Us Apr14-1800

8. Get the Details

Our life is full of the interesting.  From your morning joe to those long anticipated Christmas gifts.  The things we surround ourselves with make up who we are and what we love.  Capturing those details is fun and can be enjoyable to look back on.

Us Apr14-1732Us Apr14-1737

9. Do Something – Action

Asking your subjects to do something gets them acting in a more natural way and can lead to amazing, cool or just downright funny stuff.

Us Apr14-2080Us Feb14-1945

10.  Change Angles

Move around as you take pictures.  You may be surprised at how your view changes in unexpected and wonderful ways.

Us Apr14-1834Us Apr14-1839

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All of these images shown were taken with a DSLR camera and were Not edited! The tips above are meant to help you with any camera type.  But you can learn to take images of your life Just. Like. These.  

We have a wonderful class {HERE} available to teach you how to get the most from a DSLR camera and a buying guide for those who are interested in getting one!


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Alicia G - Love the pics, what a difference it makes!May 6, 2014 – 2:37 pm

Helena - These are great tips!! I just got a DSLR camera a few months ago, and am starting to learn how to use it. (yes, I entered the giveaway! 🙂 The tips are good, but the visuals you put along with them really drive the points home. I LOVE the angle on that last picture! And the focus, and the light- that is the kind of picture I want to be able to take!

And the one of the girl standing by the window, with the dramatic lighting- that is simply beautiful.May 5, 2014 – 6:06 pm

Abigail - Thanks for these tips!! I have just started experimenting with the settings besides Auto on my camera and have gotten some great shots using the Portrait setting.May 5, 2014 – 5:21 pm

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