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“Before taking this class, I knew pretty much nothing about photography.  I had a shiny, brand new DSLR camera- but really no idea how to use its many features.  Let’s just say, it stayed in auto mode all the time.  Manual mode was just too scary.  But I’m happy to say that by the end of the class, I was confidently taking pictures in manual mode and loving it!  I was finally able to understand all of the talk about aperture, shutter speed, and exposure.  This class was just what I needed to gain the confidence to start exploring and having FUN with photography. “

Becca Olave of The Dating Divas

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I have been teaching photography in person and online for over 5 years and love every moment of watching my students grow and produce beautiful images capturing their daily lives.  Some have even gone onto professional photography careers.

Sign up now to claim your seat in our 4 week online beginner photography class.  This class is for people who have just purchased their first DSLR to those who have some knowledge and experience but want to really ‘get’ it.   We start nice and easy introducing different skills and technical information along with practice assignments to help you really grasp the knowledge you need to confidently photograph your life.   The class provides information in a private website with different sections that include text, graphics, images and video to help all types of learners.  The information is delivered in an easy to understand way.

“I have had a nice DLSR for a while and was stuck shooting on automatic.  Despite my best attempts at reading the overwhelming amount of information related to photography my photographs still lacked the beauty and artistic touch that I desired.  Thank goodness I found Shannon with Life Long Impressions.  Not only did she teach me the basics of photography and advise me in lens selection she has continued to mentor me along the way.  No longer do I have to take 200 shots in hopes that I will get 2 I like, but I can reliably shoot in manual mode on my camera and I am pleased with the results.  I also took a Lightroom editing class with Shannon which has helped me turn my pictures into art that I have had printed on canvas and paper.  I highly recommend Shannon.  She is so knowledgeable about photography and editing and makes class so much fun!”

                                         – Kristy Tyndall {images below from her daughters first birthday party}


You will learn:

  • How to use your camera in priority and manual modes

  • Creative ways to capture images

  • Finding and seeing the light

  • Elements of exposure and how to use them to your benefit

  • On camera flash basics

  • Focus

  • Depth of Field

  • Photograph confidently in different lighting situations



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Class starts Monday May 19th and we’ll add subsequent classes based on demand up to beginning every 5 weeks!!

Class specifics:

  • The class is run online for 4 weeks in a private website

  • The class instructor provides feedback and answers questions

  • Study at your own pace! The class materials are available even after the class term finishes

  • Join other students in our Private Facebook group to share and grow

  • The class instructor is part of the Facebook group

  • Weekly Q&A available on the class website


“I took Shannon’s photography class online and LOVED it. We had purchased our Cannon rebel 3 at Christmas but I was way too overwhelmed to use it and it seemed like every time I tried to take pictures they were a flop. Shannon’s class gave me the confidence and skills I needed to want to use my camera and actually get beautiful results. The class went step by step teaching you the basics of all the cameras functions. I learned about aperture, how to blur my backgrounds, focusing, getting the best light, and on and on. I am so much more confident now in my photography skills! I loved the feedback I would get from Shannon on all my pictures I sent in. She was really positive and helpful as she encouraged me to make simple changes to get a better picture. It was also great seeing the pictures that the other students in the class took and the feedback they were getting too. We were all learning together and it was motivating and fun!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their photography skills.”
                                       – Julie


If you have been wanting to buy a camera we have the recommendations here for you!  Click HERE to access our buying guide with links to B&H Photo and Amazon.

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Requirements, Terms and Conditions –  The class fee allows for one person or family, residing in the same home, to attend the online class.  Participants are required to have a DSLR camera with the ability to change lenses and operate the camera in manual mode {check your manual or email me if you are unsure}.  It is also recommended to have a speed light {commonly called a bounce flash} with full tilt and swivel but is not required for this class.  Please ask any clarifying questions prior to the beginning of the class.  Due to the digital nature of the class product no refunds will be issued once the class begins.  No part of the class materials may be saved, copied or reused for any commercial purposes now or in the future.

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