Come and be a part of the Positivity Project! Right now, in its infancy- this project is focused around a class about positive thinking that I am teaching to a group of teenaged girls ages 12-18.  I love these girls SO MUCH, and I think they are all pretty amazing, so it’s killing me to hear how negative they are about themselves and their lives.  After thinking about it I realized, I’m not much different than they are! I have a tendency to look back on my day and recount the negative moments…the things that frustrated me or got me down.  So I decided the best thing I could do is to make some changes myself, and I thought why not include the insights of women around me! I wanted to get the input and ideas of as many women as I could recruit to join in this challenge with me, to see and document how it changes things for us in our daily lives, and use the information to help these girls, and ultimately to help us all brighten our days a bit.

So…if you’re still with me- here’s the challenge- and you’ll love it, because its simple and the rules are few!

Every day for a week, I want you to record 5 positive points from the day.  There are no stipulations on WHAT those 5 things have to be- thats entirely up to you! But for me it might include, something I saw that was beautiful, a fun moment with my kids, or a great meal that I prepared.  A friend wrote on her list, “wore mascara today and felt beautiful”.  I LOVED that!

The key in all of this it to be looking for positive things throughout the day.  To be thinking “hey, maybe I could add this to my list?”  And as a result, I’m hoping that your thoughts will change to focusing on the positive things in our lives more than the negative.

  • Can you write more than 5?  ABSOLUTELY!!! But try to at least get 5 🙂
  • Do you have to write them down? YES.  This is a crucial step to really being intentional about looking for and remembering the positive things.
  • How will I remember?  This is up to you, but I will ask for feedback on what you did!  Maybe a bracelet around your wrist, or a post it note on your mirror?  A friend bought a cute journal that she would be excited to write in.  I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE cute little notebooks!

At the end of the week, I’ll just have you do a quick survey to report how you felt and how it went!

Click here to complete the Survey at the end of the week!

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