My family desk – repainted!

What do you do with a desk that has been in your family since your great grandmother used it?  Paint it, of course!

DIY - Easy furniture painting project!  Using Rust-Oleum furniture transformation kit. Great colors and the option to antique your project. check out  for this and other great home improvement projects.

As a little kid this desk was in great grandma’s room where the amazing electric bed was!  We used to love going in there to play on the bed whenever we could sneak it past all the adults.  Though I’m pretty sure they knew we were often in there making the head and foot of the bed rise and fall with the push of a button trying to squish the ones on it!  Since there were 7 of us routinely running around we would take turns sitting at the desk or on the floor as we giggled at the riders antics!  {video here if you want a visual of the type of bed mentioned}.  So many fun memories of me leading all the younger cousins on adventures around our grandparents home.  About that same time, my grandpa spilled tea on the desk.  There were some pictures under a piece of glass that got wet, and a large image of my mom and I got stuck.

When it came time for the desk to move onto a new home, I inherited it since my picture was stuck to it.  Lucky spill!!

Us Oct13-1089

Because the desk had this favorite picture permanently adhered to it, no one wanted to repaint it over the years, especially me.  Then this last year we decided to combine our purchasing power with my retiring mom and all got a new house together. {She moved 3000 miles away from her lifetime home!}.  With all the furniture and design styles we were putting together the desk was not going to fit anywhere easily.  Then I thought of our daughter who is showing all the signs of being a very sentimental girl who would love to connect with her ancestors.  She is all girly girl though!  All of the colors she wants represented in her room are light and bright so it was time to repaint the desk.

Guy’s friend just used Rust-Oleums cabinet transformations kit and loved the results.  Unlike Aleesha, I am a little nervous about building, remodeling and other labor intensive DIY projects.   With all of my other life responsibilities there hasn’t been much time to learn those things.  But my creative soul really wants to do them!  Having this website is going to help me bust through those barriers and be a DIY queen!  🙂  I decided to go with a kit that paints over the existing finish instead of buying all the products needed on my own.  Rust-Oleum’s product was the one I went with based on our friends recommendation.  The cabinet and furniture kits have all the same items in them so it was just a matter of picking out the color and going for it.  Purple was the best fit for Madison.

Since this was my first refinishing project and there was no room in our temporary town home, I asked my friend to use her support and garage.  She sweetly agreed to watch over me and let me take up space.  lol  The kit is super easy to use, but each step takes some time to dry.  I went over to my friends house for about an hour every other week to complete my steps.  It can be done with only one day {or less} drying time between each step.

The saddest part was taking off the picture.  After almost 40 years adhered to the desk it was not going to come off in one piece!

Us Oct13-1094Us Oct13-1096

This kit does say you do not need to sand.  As you can see this desk was in extra rough shape though!  We did some light sanding to soften the edges and get the remaining picture residue off the top.

Us Oct13-1097

The kits come with the antiquing glaze you can use or not depending on taste.  I’m really glad there wasn’t a choice, because I wouldn’t have gotten it with the antiquing.  Both my friend and I agreed it needed a little ‘worn’ look to fit the style and little bit of roughness from the old paint job underneath.

Us May14-1016

Us May14-1018

For the drawer pulls we got these adorable glass knobs off of Ebay.  The price was fantastic at about $10.  Yes, really!!

Us May14-1022

With the antiquing glaze added all the dings, dents and other character marks fit right in.  This girl who does Not want to be a sanding queen loved it!

Us May14-1023

Every odd little collectable grandma had has now found a home in this girls room.  Crazy yes, but our little 6 year old needs to explore all the possibilities as she finds and defines her style in life.  So we let her have the overkill on the crazy decorations now.

Us May14-1025

Next time I’ll share the personality surprise inside the drawers.

Our Maddie girl is completely in love with her desk and has filled the drawers with all of her drawings, artist supplies and various treasures.  It is her princess desk in a color she adores.  We often find her sitting there as she creates new works of art.  This desk was the perfect addition to her room giving her little artists heart a place to roam free.

Us May14-1015

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