This week in webland! - We love this week1. The Face of Adoption {birth mom}

This was seen on Facebook by one of my personal favorite photographers. Jennifer Nace Photography in Waseca, MN.

“I usually don’t post a whole lot of personal things here, but this has been pulling at my heart. As a Woman who struggled with infertility, I truly understand the emptiness and heartache you feel when you so desperately want a baby and it just doesn’t happen. Yet you look around and there are so many who get pregnant without even trying!! It doesn’t seem fair.

Gorgeous baby G’s birth Mom was in that situation. She found out she was pregnant. She was young. She still had so much she needed to do in order to be able to provide the life she wanted for her child. She made the most SELFLESS choice; To carry the baby and to give her to the family God had planned for her. The joy she brings into their lives and into the lives of everyone she meets is immeasurable. *THIS* is the face of adoption. Is it hard? I can imagine it would be one of the hardest things a woman could do. But is it worth it? Oh, yes. Yes it is. Because of her brave choice this beautiful baby has a chance at life and her Mom and Dad have an answer to their prayers.”  ~ Jennifer


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