Essential oils – gardening

We love when friends, bloggers and experts offer to write articles for Everyday Creative!  Today we have one from the wonderful Julie who has a love for essential oils and finished her environmental sciences studies a couple years ago.  She will be sharing some of her findings, ideas and remedies with us in this and future articles.  Enjoy!!

Essential oils – gardening

Hi! I’m unbelievably excited for the opportunity to share on this blog the Awesomeness of Essential Oils! Over the past 5 years, I have experienced and witnessed the incredible, Heaven Sent, Healing properties of EOs.  I can’t wait to share some of these stories with you and also the countless ways they can benefit our lives everyday!

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 For many of my recommendations, purity is essential for use.  I always recommend doTerra essential oils as the most pure and therapeutic grade oils available.  You can read more about the integrity of this company and their oils on my website.  Please contact me about ordering products or if you have questions!


Before we get started…..A tad bit about me….  I’m a Southern born girl..still looking for the perfect GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) t-shirt or hat. Let me know if you see a cute one! I have been fortunate to live in some pretty beautiful places which include Jackson Hole, WY and Laie, HI.   But, as “Home is where the heart is”, I ended back in NC and was married in 2002 to a “good ole” southern boy from near Kinston, NC.


We now have a very vibrant and bright 8 yr. old daughter Samantha (Sammi)…. and …….a loving and adventureous  6 year old son with dimples named Caleb! I have always Loved Nature and being outdoors.  My dream house is all screens ad windows…no walls! Maybe a tree house from the “Treehouse Master”. (love this show!)

I finished my Environmental Science studies in 2012 and am currently working on finishing my (NCEE) certification.

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Even those of us who enjoy checking out worms, beetles and caterpillars in their element….probably prefer our homegrown tomatoes, lettuces, and squashes colorful and without holes and pests.  With plenty of summer weeks left for gardening, I am sharing some oils to make a Non-Toxic pesticide.  You can have beautiful garden veggies to eat without consuming toxins too!

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Protect all Veggies with 8 drops lavender and 8 drops Thyme in 8 oz spray bottle filled with water.

For  all around garden and Plant insect-repellent use 15 drops of doTERRA TerraShield essential oil blend in 8 oz spray bottle filled with water.

Make sure to spray underneath leaves as well. Apply sparingly, as EOs are very powerful. (spray every few days or as needed)



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