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I’m so excited to share some more of the cool things I noticed recently on the web! - We love this week

1. Dining Table & Benches knock off

My mom brought a beautiful teak wood table and chairs with inlaid tiles when she moved in with us.  I don’t know if it was the moving truck or if our family is just rough, but the table is not holding up super well.  We will soon be needing something very heavy duty for our large family with active boys!  It would be nice if our three kids sat perfectly still in their chairs while eating…  Nope!  They push their feet against the table legs and the piece of wood that runs between the legs and otherwise abuse the poor table and chairs.

While checking my email the other day this beautiful table & benches tutorial inspired me!  It looks amazingly heavy duty and prettily rustic!  Mom definitely isn’t convinced this one will be the way to go, but sharing it with you all will suffice.  Plus, she might change her mind in a few months when we need to come up with a plan.  🙂  The thing I love about building a table ourselves is that we can make it wider to more easily accommodate serving platters and pretty stuff.


2. Have your own fruit buffet tree!

Sometimes science is cool.  Yep.  Really Cool!  This beautifully blooming tree pictured here is a marvel.  It produces quite a few, Forty actually, different fruit varieties.  Check out the article for more information.


3.  Cool picture share

As a visual artist, I adore pictures!  There are so many wonderful things having pictures does for us and we’ve all looked a picture later only to see something unexpected.  This just happened to me a few weeks ago when my husband handed my mom a knife while I was taking pictures of her and my nephew!

Here is the one I took.  The knife ads a weird serial killer vibe!

Us Jul14-1019

On this link someone has assembled a ton of perfectly or interestingly timed images for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!


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