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1.  30 Easy Crockpot meals

What’s better then an easy to put together meal.  I always think of the Ronco “Set it and Forget it” infomercial!  lol   Today my family has an awesome chicken taco soup on that I can’t wait to eat!

I’m looking forward to trying the crock pot BBQ chicken & beef stew.


2.  Beautiful Pictures

A lovely images share from a photographer in Poland taken of children over the summer.  Childhood is like magic, and these images are going to be treasured by the kids in them.  Can you imagine as an adult being able to look back at pictures of yourself in such fun, imaginative and sweet everyday moments?   I love to encourage every parent to learn how to take better images of their family.  What we do now can make such a huge difference in the memories of our children when they are older.


3.  Inspiration using Color in Design

Follow the image link to see some wonderful use of color in designs to fit many styles.  I’m a huge fan of color!  One of these days we’ll finally get to decorating our bedroom, and I will be all over some great uses of color!


4. Home Remodel ideas

Pretty much all of the ideas on this link make me want them!  I especially love the idea of the netting/hammock in a really tall room!  Life is worth living to the fullest and it would be great if our homes reflected little surprises that fit our family personality!!


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