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So excited for another chance to share some of the things we like on the web! - We love this week

1. Sun Damage and Sunscreen

We all know the sun can damage our skin.   What we don’t often/ever see is our skin under UV light which shows the damage.  This video shows skin damaged by the sun, skin with little to no damage and what the UV light camera sees when you wear sunscreen.   It is the best PSA I’ve seen on why we should wear sunscreen!  I also love the peoples faces both in grimaces and joyous smiles.  People are just fun to watch!

2. Cinnamon Twist recipe

This recipe looks ultra yummy!   For me, I’d like very little if any frosting.  I know, weirdo right!?  😉  If you try it, please come back and let us know how it tasted.


3. Decorate and control your Board Games

OK, so this is above my personal skill level in making, but I would love love to do something like this for our house.  We have a second staircase which has tons of wall space and is rarely used.  One side of the wall is where I’ve started a collection of family prints mounted on plastic.   The prints are all pretty casual of different daily life, holidays and trips.  The kids are already in love as they sit and talk about those different moments.    Back to this share!!  Our 6 year old twins are getting to a super fun age  where they love to play board games.  It has been fun playing games together after dinner instead of watching TV.  I bet Aleesha could do this and would help a girl out!  🙂


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