How much money is lying around YOUR house?


I’m not talking about searching for quarters under your couch cushions, although sending your kids diving under those might net you a dollar or two.  I’m talking about the things you “meant to take back” but never got around to it.  Maybe it’s that “perfect shirt” you bought last month, that just didn’t look the same when you got it home.  Or perhaps its the tool you thought you needed to fix the sink, and then didn’t use.  Or the present you bought for your kid for christmas that just didn’t work.  Most of the time, we have lost the receipt, or just don’t have time to mess with the hassle of returning these unwanted items.  Today, I am challenging you to make the time!  Most stores will accept returns without a receipt, and give you store credit- some can even look it up on their computer system (Lowes, HomeDepot, and Target) and return it to whatever card you used.  But even if they don’t take it back, its worth trying, plus it never hurts to ask.

I’m remodeling a home, bit by bit, as my budget allows- so I always have something lying around that didn’t work, or that we didn’t end up using.  I didn’t realize quite how much I had lying around until I gathered it all up yesterday to make returns.  Guess how much I made for about 2 hours worth of time (did I mention I got to go BY MYSELF!  That alone was worth the time invested) Anyway- here is the grand total.

HomeDepot- $5.50

Lowes- $27.00

Woodworking Shop-$32.00

Ross- $13.75

——– $78.25!!!!  —

Enough to buy a new bedding set and sheets for our bed (we haven’t had a new bedroom set in 10 years)

Now, you may not be as lazy busy as me, but it never hurts to look around and see what you might have forgotten to take back!



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