Shark Navigator Swivel, bagless Upright Vacuum Nv26- REVIEW-updated

***Updated after 6 months of ownership- scroll to the bottom for update

We bought an old house…like really old,  with NASTY carpet.  I also have 4 little people running around my house all day. So, every time I vacuum- it fills the dirt cup, and in the last 10 months we have killed 2 perfectly good vacuums- one of them was brand new when we moved in.  NOT buying a new vacuum, just wasn’t an option- considering the alternatives.  So I shopped, and compared, and read reviews.  And got frustrated.  For every good review, there was another one that was negative- for everything I was considering.  Here enters my dilemma.  Buy another cheap vacuum, like I was planning...or take this whole vacuuming thing to a new level.

My sister was really the deciding vote for me.  See, I’m a bit of a slob at heart.  I married a compulsive neat freak (sorry honey) so I do as well as I can- but I will never be a perfectionist at cleaning.  My sister, on the other hand?  She is my opposite.  We often joke that if you took both of us and combined us into one person we would be perfect!  When we were kids we shared a room and, well, it usually meant my half was sloppy– seriously sloppy, and her half was ridiculously neat.  Now, as adults, we are pretty much the same.  I’m doing good to remember to vacuum, and she scrubs her baseboards!  So I knew she was the one to call!  When she said how much she loved her Shark Navigator Vaccum, I said– there must be something to this.  She’s had hers for a few years now and swears she will never buy another vacuum.

So I took the plunge.

I was also pretty excited to find it in red- I ADORE red, and buy every appliance that I can in red.  Completely useless fact about me for you 😉

Best part is, it is nearly as awesome as she says.  The swivel function seemed like a novelty item that I wouldn’t really use, but once I got vacuuming I saw how handy it is, and how much easier it makes getting the job done.  The suction is SUPER powerful, and even when the cup is totally full, you don’t lose any suction! WOW!  The handheld attachments work nice, and the suction is good in the hose as well.  Its lightweight and super easy to empty the dirt cup, and remove the filters.  Did I mention the filters are washable? Yup! And by washable, I don’t mean like those paper fold-y things other companies CALL washable- but like actually washable.  Awesome, I love things that save me money.

Also this cleans my wood floors very well, and the brush roll is easy to turn on and off- bonus!

I really only have one CON- and that is the way the brush roll is designed.  A couple of weeks ago I had a spool of thread hiding underneath my sewing table, and one small strand of thread was peeking out apparently, but was lightly colored and I couldn’t see it against the carpet.  Well, when  the vacuum got ahold of that tiny strand of thread, naturally it gobbled up half of the spool.  I’ve had this happen before, and when the vacuum shut off – I was irritated, but not beaten.  I got out my tools and turned the vacuum over prepared to cut the string off and be on my way.  NO SUCH LUCK.  The thread had wrapped around the joint where the brush roll spins– you have to see this to believe it…


The biggest part I have a problem with , is you cannot remove the brush roll without COMPLETELY dis-assembling the vacuum- I got all the screws off, only to find computer parts inside there– I was SO not messing with computer parts!  After all I had only owned the vacuum for about 2 weeks at this point and maybe used it 2-3 times!  I am still frustrated about what happened next.  I spent over an hour with tweezers, a knife, sharp sewing scissors, and a serious cramp in my neck pulling out the pieces a tiny little bit at a time.  I still haven’t gotten them all out. And the thread BURNED onto the brush roll in places.  Its nasty down there now- and that makes me sad.  I mean, I have massive amounts of very long hair, and I sew-a lot.  There is always thread, string, hair, etc somewhere on my floor.  Now I am very nervous about vacuuming until I have scoured the floor first and that is tedious and time consuming.

Overall- I love it.  I love how powerful it is, and how clean my carpet looks/feels afterwards, and I enjoy the ease the swivel function gives.  I love that the filters are easy to remove and washable- but why not make the brush roll easier to clean?

My score?   7 out of 10


After nearly a year of owning this vacuum I couldn’t love it more.  I have never had any other trouble with it, and have decided that the thread melting onto the brush roller was more my fault than the poor vaccum.  Its really very easy to clean just your normal day-to-day hair off of the brush roll, and the filters, cups etc are a BREEZE to empty.  I find myself almost surprised everytime I use it, at just how easy it is to empty.  I have used it to clean up sawdust, drywall dust, small pieces of bark, spilled flour, oh and the usual day-to-day junk my kids spill on the floor and I have not been disappointed again.

New score?  9 out of 10.  It still bugs me that  you can’t remove the brush roll,  but not enough that I wouldn’t buy the same vaccum again with no hesitation!


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Aleesha Bake - I’ve heard they are awesome! I wish I could afford one, but for now I love my Shark! I especially love how easy it is to clean out 🙂April 18, 2014 – 12:17 pm

Angela Gilbert - Right after our son was born my parents bought us a Dyson (the original). We loved it. When it got broken last summer when we moved I was so not happy. I duct taped it made it workable but needless to say it was a disaster. I was so ecstatic when My husband got me a brand new one for my birthday. Yes they are expensive but if you can get one I would recommend it. Mine lasted almost 10 years and I would still be using it if it were still usable.April 17, 2014 – 1:31 pm

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