Repurpose Old Leggings- Quick!


Repurpose Old Leggings



This project may seem like a bit of a no-brainer to you, but I am surprised recently with how many friends I have mentioned it to, who don’t do this.  So I thought I would share and see if it can help anyone else.

My girls have a serious problem.  They are little flashers. I’ve tried to teach them to cross their legs, but little girls like MINE just can’t sit still long enough!  And they love to wear dresses, like we have to fight to get them into pants.  When they were very tiny, this wasn’t much of an issue because they could just wear bloomers- the little panty things that come with itty bitty dresses.  This worked for us for a long time, but eventually we realized we would need something else.  Shorts are obnoxious to wear under dresses, and bulky, and leggings or tights are too hot.  Small knit shorts work, but they are hard to find, and usually  VERY short.  And we wanted something to help the girls be a bit more modest.

So each year we buy leggings in the winter, and they wear them out SO FAST!  Before I know it, they have holes in the knees, or are so stained that they are unwearable.  That’s where this tip comes in handy!  Just cut the leggings off at the knee- toss the rest in the garbage and voila!  New “bloomers” as my girls call them!  Because the fabric is knit, it doesn’t fray and stays put very well!

The easiest way to do this is just to lay them out on a cutting mat and use a rotary cutter to slice them off equal.  If you don’t have a rotary cutter- then just fold them over and cut through both legs at the same time (after making sure they are well lined up).

And there you have it- a quick and easy way to re-use winter’s leggings to keep your little girl a bit more covered.



Aria loves her “bloomers”


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