Plywood Plank Flooring, an inexpensive replacement for wood flooring- Part 1


I am in the process of getting new floors!!! YAY!!!

I say process, because that’s exactly what it is…a process!

I have been walking around on disgusting linoleum for what seems like forever.  Actually its been about 15 months, however this particular linoleum is years and years old.  It is discolored, and full of holes.  EVERYTHING that gets spilled on it stains it- seriously everything!  We have a unique situation in that we can’t put tile down, because our current subfloor is ridiculously unlevel.  WE also can’t put down more linoluem because I simply refuse to purchase something that is so ugly, plus it costs more than a basic tile and its ugly.  What I WANT is wood floors.  I love the way they look, and they way they feel under my feet.  I also want flooring that is long term and has a homey look to it.

Problem…I can’t afford hardwood flooring.  It’s so out of my price range that even if I could get it half price, I STILL couldn’t afford it.  We considered laminate flooring, which I have in my bedroom, and love- but it has gone up in price almost .50 a square foot, making it considerably more expensive.  Plus if you put laminate over a large area you have to put a spacer bar down the center- which I feel like takes a floor straight to the trailer park.  Not that there is anything wrong with a trailer park, but it’s not really what I am going for, ya know?

So I found this option.  PLYWOOD plank flooring.  That one has a great tutorial, but I like the pictures here better  Its going to run me about .90 a square foot by the time I’m done and its really surprisingly pretty.  Google it, and you will find tons of pictures to inspire you!

I bought 1/2 plywood, because I wanted something a bit sturdier- so mine cost about 25 dollars a sheet, but its nicer plywood and sanded on one side which is awesome!

Don’t have a truck or fancy tools?  You can find ways to get around it! Get the guys at Lowes to make the cuts for you- so far I haven’t even been charged for any of mine!  Just be sure to ask them to make precise cuts- they are used to making quick cuts and don’t always take the time to get it straight…its worth your time and a little begging to get it straight.  Then, here you will see me driving it away in my minivan!!!  Don’t be afraid to ask the guys to help you load it either- plywood is heavy!!!


Today I am about 1/2 way through with the job and getting excited.  I’ll keep you posted on the finished product!-   (Don’t you love my jars of sugar that I have been using as weights — use what you have!)  If you want to see the finished product and instructions check it out here. 


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Plywood Plank Flooring- how it looks all finished | Everyday Creative - […] So I told you last week I was going to attempt to put plywood flooring down in my kitchen, in an effort to get rid of the hideous dated stained linoleum floors we inherited when we purchased this house.  Today I am going to show you the finished product and tell you a bit about what I learned. […]September 5, 2015 – 9:44 am

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