Photography Project 52 – Wk 25 – Best Friends

Photography Project 52 – Week 25 – Best Friends

What is Project 52? – Take one picture this week using the weekly theme to prompt your creativity.

  •  Why do it? – We hope to improve our picture taking skills, become more creative & make friends in the process! 

  •  Weekly themes will be posted each Thursday morning.  You are encouraged to share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or Facebook group.  All skill levels are welcome as this is an opportunity to share and learn together no matter when we start out.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme articles.

Our sweet Heidi has been busy busy.   Kesti is providing the commentary for us!

Heidi and I were roommates in college.  We bonded over guitars, making chicken stir-fry (every. single. night.) and the occasional laughing contest. Don’t ask! Let’s just say It was loud and our upstairs neighbors, ahem…loved us. <undefined.gif>  Fifteen years later, we’re both married and living on opposite sides of the country.  She has all girls; I have all boys.  Our lives couldn’t be more different and far apart, but she is still the one I call when I have good news, need advice or need a shoulder to cry on.  She is the one I called recently when I locked myself in my closet for a self-imposed timeout after a trying day with my rambunctious boys. She is smart, kind, loyal and HILARIOUS.  Best friends are hard to find and I feel so blessed that Heidi and I ended up in the same apartment all those years ago!
My Dad had 2 great photos this week, so we had to include both.  First up, a father and son.  Best friends out having a good time, as evidenced by the mud splattered all over the Jeep.  I love the symmetry of the open doors.
I’m sure you’re all dying to know…What does the fox say?  Well, if you ask my Dad, I’ll bet he knows.  He has gotten so close to this family of foxes that they have probably told him all their secrets.  He’s like an animal whisperer. <undefined.gif>
Shannon’s boys are definitely best buddies.   They are both sporting bandaids on their hands and doing the family ‘I Love You’.  They start out with the sign language I love you with the pinky, first finger and thumbs extended.  Then they mouth the words I love you as they put the pinky down for ‘I’, the thumb down for ‘Love’ and then point the first finger at a person for ‘You’.  They take their ‘I Love You’s’ very seriously!!!   So adorable.

Please feel free to jump on board with Everyday Creative’s Project 52 anytime!  We would love to see your images for this weeks prompt of Best Friends!  Share in the comments, on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group.  

Here is the list of all our past prompts with links to the articles to see more of our image shares.


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