Photography Project 52 – Wk 24 – Water

Photography Project 52 – Week 24 – Water

What is Project 52? – Take one picture this week using the weekly theme to prompt your creativity.

  •  Why do it? – We hope to improve our picture taking skills, become more creative & make friends in the process! 

  •  Weekly themes will be posted each Thursday morning.  You are encouraged to share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or Facebook group.  All skill levels are welcome as this is an opportunity to share and learn together no matter when we start out.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme articles.

Our sweet Heidi has been busy busy.   Kesti is providing the commentary for us!

Water, water, everywhere…this has definitely been the case in Utah this past month.  It has rained more these past few weeks then it has in all the years I’ve lived here.  Everything is so green and beautiful and hopefully this means no wildfires this summer.  With all the rain, the puddles have been swimming pool sized and magnificent.  And such a temptation for little feet.  This was a monstrous puddle at the park.
My Dad happened to catch this rare sight in his area …a pelican taking an evening dip in the river.  Look at the size of his beak.  What a beautiful bird!
Shannon busting in here….  I also love love this picture Richard took so just had to include it!
Heidi got to experience field day with her Kindergartner last week and her fast shutter speed froze all the droplets of water here in glorious action,  I just involuntarily shuttered imagining how cold that cup of water must have been.  My favorite part is the little hand holding the cup.  I only wish there was sound to accompany this picture because you KNOW there was hysterical laughter happening here.
 I think Shannon’s image needs sound too!  I love the look of utter delight on all their faces. This picture reminds me of summertime as a kid and the endless hours of fun provided by the sprinkler.

Please feel free to jump on board with Everyday Creative’s Project 52 anytime!  We would love to see your images for this weeks prompt of Water!  Share in the comments, on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group.  

Here is the list of all our past prompts with links to the articles to see more of our image shares.


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