Photography Project 52 – Week 50 – Brown

Photography Project 52 – Week 50 – Brown

What is Project 52? – Take one picture this week using the weekly theme of Brown to prompt your creativity.


Brown is everywhere.  It is the very easiest color to photograph since most of us are pretty much surrounded by it in daily life.  Outdoors brown and green reign supreme with some places tilting one way or the other depending on the time of the year!  I grew up in Phoenix so brown was the most dominate color and I love all shades of it there especially at sunset.  Those wide open skies produce such beautiful and long lasting sunsets.  So if you were wondering why this weeks prompt was kind of a ‘dull’ color, it was inspired by my love for my Arizona heritage.

Kesti used a fabulous trick for awesome lighting in bright sunny conditions.  Garage light!  Open op that garage door and shoot right at the edge of the light as the background light falls off to darkness very quickly and the wide open space provides even lighting.  If you want to capture that even light shoot strait into the garage, for more shadowing, just turn more to the side.  The more to the side you go the more shadowing you get.  The position of the subject will also change the light whether they are in the middle of the opening or towards one of the edges.  It is fun and Free light to play around with so I definitely recommend trying it out.  Here Kesti used the floor as a plain background.



We both did food photos for more brown.  I adore this shot of homemade bread!  YUM!  Bread is amazing and tasty.  🙂

Bring from Arizona our family is full of Mexican traditions.  We used to eat tamales for either Thanksgiving or Christmas each year.  My grandmother was always the masa maker so we haven’t done it for many years.  This year we {me} decided to give it a go.  We do at least one holiday meal with some our amazing friends each year, and we got together this week to give it a go.  I can’t wait to share my experience in a post along with my moms most amazing tip for checking to make sure your masa mix is just right.



We would love to see your images!

  •  Why do it? – We hope to improve our picture taking skills, become more creative & make friends in the process! 

  •  Weekly themes will be posted each Friday morning.  You are encouraged to share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or Facebook group.  All skill levels are welcome as this is an opportunity to share and learn together no matter when we start out.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme articles.

Please feel free to jump on board with Everyday Creative’s Project 52 anytime!  We would love to see your images for this weeks prompt of Brown!  Share in the comments, on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group.  

Here is the list of all our past prompts with links to the articles to see more of our image shares.



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