Everyday Creative’s Project 52 – Week 39

Photography Project 52 – Week 39 – Face

What is Project 52? – Take one picture this week using the weekly theme of Face to prompt your creativity.

  •  Why do it? – We hope to improve our picture taking skills, become more creative & make friends in the process! 

  •  Weekly themes will be posted each Friday morning.  You are encouraged to share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or Facebook group.  All skill levels are welcome as this is an opportunity to share and learn together no matter when we start out.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme articles.


Tonight I looked at the face of each of my children and tried to have a moment with them individually.  The stuff of bonding and memory building are made of.  For my Blakey boy, it was singing him his song after tucking him into bed. For my big baby Landon, it was carrying him upstairs to bed when he was ‘to tired’ to make it up on his own.  Then there was my Maddie who held my hands facing me as we sang our favorite song together.  Moments like these stick.  They are the types of moments I think about when looking at pictures of my loved ones.  It’s one of the things that makes photography such a powerful tool in our lives!


Kesti captured this image of her son.  He has such a sweet and loving look with beautiful light on him.  EC-Kesti-Prog52-wk39-face


Being from out west and living on the east coast for years now, I do miss western hats!  Glad Richard captured this portrait to share with us.



Tonight I was able to capture this adorable image for one of my friends and clients.  We are having an absolute washout with days of rain.  How fun was it for her to bring in a few special toys and stuffed animals to get the kids with during our session!



Would love to see your images!!

Please feel free to jump on board with Everyday Creative’s Project 52 anytime!  We would love to see your images for this weeks prompt of  Face!  Share in the comments, on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group.  

Here is the list of all our past prompts with links to the articles to see more of our image shares.



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