Everyday Creative’s Project 52 – Week 26

Photography Project 52 – Week 26 – Motion

What is Project 52? – Take one picture this week using the weekly theme of Peaceful to prompt your creativity.

  •  Why do it? – We hope to improve our picture taking skills, become more creative & make friends in the process! 

  •  Weekly themes will be posted each Thursday morning.  You are encouraged to share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or Facebook group.  All skill levels are welcome as this is an opportunity to share and learn together no matter when we start out.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme articles.

I seem to have taken quite the hiatus!  I didn’t realize how long it has been.

This week’s prompt was motion.  Three of us have busy children, which gave us plenty of subject matter for motion.  I had the opportunity to attend field day a local elementary school.  There was PLENTY of motion there, let me tell you!  The kids played several crazy, fun outdoor games that day.  Tug of war was my favorite though.  I wish I could include all the pictures of the game, so you could all have the full effect.  Those little kindergarteners gave it their all, and were elated each time they won.  They pulled so hard that someone fell every round. The winning cheers and screams made my week.


Remember weeks ago my mention of how much time Kesti spends at the baseball field?  I wasn’t kidding!  She’s there a LOT!  Check out this pitcher.  He appears to take his game seriously.


Just because Richard doesn’t have little ones at home anymore doesn’t mean he had to struggle for a picture of motion.  Buckley the St. Bernard is MOVING in this picture.  IThat’s 140 pounds of dog racing down that path!


Shannon had lots of opportunity for this prompt.  Her three little ones recently shed their training wheels.  So fun!  Their bike ride was followed by a trip to the pool, complete with swimming, splashing and laughter.  I love these three all lined up during the lifeguard break, enjoying a refreshing splash.  It has been HOT here, so I know they were loving every second of it!



Please feel free to jump on board with Everyday Creative’s Project 52 anytime!  We would love to see your images for this weeks prompt of Motion!  Share in the comments, on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group.  

Here is the list of all our past prompts with links to the articles to see more of our image shares.



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