Everyday Creative’s 52 Project – Week 9

Project 52 – Week 9 – Black and White

So this is how we roll.  Week 8 = super bright.  Intense.  Red.  Week 9  = the opposite of that.  Black and white.  I’m not an extreme person.  Honest!

My bundled up B&W



North Carolina, however, has some extreme weather.  Well . . . a little weather is considered extreme here.  Mostly any solid form of precipitation is considered extreme.  If there is a light dusting of snow, everything closes.  I mean EVERYTHING!  It’s great – one of the many, many reasons I love this state.  In all fairness, I’ve never seen ice like I have seen living here.  But the white powder does cause quite a ruckus.  I give you exhibit A.


This was captured by a driver last year when we had some snow.  Yes, this is for real people!  I was driving home in this li’l storm.  A truck jack-knifed on a little bridge, backing up traffic for miles.  People turned their cars off, got out and started walking.  For real!  Left their cars in the road, along the road, wherever.  Somehow I managed to make it home.

Why am I telling you this?  Because it snowed this week.  WAHOO!  Just a light dusting with a bit of frozen rain and ice underneath.  But North Carolinians know how to sled in any little bit we can get!  My girls’ preferred vehicle for sledding is a boogie board.  They fly right past those silly sleds.   Looks like Shannon found a great sledding hill for her little ones.  I love the photographer, taking a picture of her husband, who is taking a picture of their children.  The snow and overcast skies really made for great black and white photos this week!


Kesti had such a difficult time choosing which picture to share, so there are two for her this week.  I love the moment she captured with her youngest, staring out a wet window, quite obviously wishing it would stop raining so he could go outside!  Love that she captured his reflection in the window too!


We just couldn’t leave this picture out.  Look at all the texture in this picture! (My absolute favorite this week)


I am determined that my 13 year old will not see this website.  Otherwise she will see Richard’s pictures, buy a one way ticket and never look back!  She is cow, horse, pig, chicken, still wants to be a vet, anything farm or barn crazy.  Check out this sweet cow.  Great contrast.  I love that it was taken through the fence too.


Can’t wait to see next week’s pictures!
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The Mission – Share one picture a week using the theme prompt.

 The Goal – Improve our picture taking skills & become more creative.

 The Result – Sharing with other creative women as we accomplish this year long goal.

 The Details – Weekly themes will be posted each Thursday.  You can share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or follow along without posting.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme posts.

Week 1 –Bokeh

Week 2 – Silhouette

Week 3 – Window

 Week 4 – Rule of Thirds

Week 5 – Leading Lines

Week 6 – Perspective

Week 7 – Catchlights

Week 8 – Red

Week 9 – Black & White

Next Week – Side Lighting


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