DIY : Jewelry Hanger

Jewelry Hanger

I know I’m not the first person to hopelessly muddle my way through a tangle of necklaces piled into a drawer or box somewhere, trying desperately to wrangle one out of the pile.  Well, I finally decided I had had ENOUGH!  I needed something to organize my jewelry, and I needed it fast.  I don’t have much jewelry, but what I DO have was useless to me in a pile of knots. So I browsed through etsy and found plenty of lovely ideas but nothing within my budget (isn’t this always the problem lol).  So I made a trip out to my scrap woodpile, and chose a simple 1×6 board piece leftover from a bed I made for a friend last year.  It was about 15 inches long and I figured it would work perfectly.

First I wood burned it, to put some detail on, and make it look pretty.  I learned a bit about woodturning from my little sister who has a great shop on etsy- Krafty Kaleidoscope , but to be perfectly honest, this was my first attempt!  I was surprised at how simple this basic type of woodburning is to do!  You just apply gentle pressure as you slide the tool slowly across your sketch.  (You should probably sketch something first, I just free-handed it, and wished I’d thought it out a bit better in hindsight).  I bought a simple woodburning tool at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon and only paid about 15 dollars for it that way, so its a nice investment to have for plenty of projects!

You don’t have to wood burn yours though, you could just put the nails in a pattern, or paint a design onto the wood first.  Whatever you method you choose, apply your design first.

Then simply use various sizes of small nails and nail directly and firmly into the board, leaving the nail sticking slightly out.  I used a variety of sizes of nails for 2 reasons, 1 I like the way it looks and 2 it gives me smaller hooks for smaller items to hang on 🙂

Jewelryhanger2Then simply mount on your wall and hang your jewelry.  I wanted it up in a hurry, so I simply drilled a 1/2 hole into the back of the wood and put a nail in the wall- then placed the hole onto the nail.  It works, however I have to keep the jewelry very carefully balanced, or it tilts to one side.  I highly recommend spending the 2.50 or so at Lowes for some picture mounting hardware, so you can avoid this same problem.

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Joanna - I definitely need more jewelry hangers!! This is such a great idea. I have also seen people use drwer knobs to hang jewelry!!
JoannaSeptember 28, 2015 – 5:32 am

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