Did you miss a chance to try something new today?


Life is full of little opportunities to try new things.  In my quest to be a little more creative every single day, I am trying to take advantage of these opportunities more. Today I had the chance to do 3 things I had never done before.  I almost backed out of all 3 of them, because I was intimdated, scared, and just plain tired.  You know what, I tried them all anyway and I am glad I did!  Here’s a little snapshot of my day.

#1 I killed a snake today

–okay, I just helped-but I was the one whacking at it with a Machete…yes you read that right, a Machete.  My husband grabbed it with this extension reacher thing and I got to chop off its head.  I got blood all over me from the snake and that was gross, but I saved my sweet chickens from the scary monster in the henhouse.  That snake was more than 5 feet tall!

#2 I made pickled banana peppers.

–Our neighbor gave us a bunch and they have been sitting on the counter staring at me for days.  I’m not really a pepper person, and neither is anyone else in my house, but my husband DOES love the banana peppers at subway, so I thought I would try that.  I used this recipe here and they look like they worked!  I’ll let you know how they actually TASTE in a few weeks when we try them out, but for now I am pretty pleased with the way they look sitting on the counter.

#3 I made Watermelon Jelly

–I know, weird sounding…right?  I had never even heard of watermelon jelly until I bought a canning book a few months ago and saw this gorgeous picture of bright coraly red jelly.  I knew I would have to make some sometime.  So I bought this watermelon that was too mushy for my taste this week and its been sitting on the shelf in the fridge staring at me as intensely as the banana peppers were, and I felt guilty just throwing it out, ya know?  So today I made a quick run to walmart for pectin- I really like this pectin here- and gave it a shot.  I used this recipe here, and it tastes delicious!  Next time I want to try a recipe with the watermelon pulp in it as well, like this recipe here– I can’t wait to open up a jar and make a sandwich with watermelon jelly in December!


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