Create an Advent calendar – Destination = Fun!

Advent calendars don’t have to be for Christmas anymore!   Not that they strictly were, but it is what I’ve always associated them with.


My family created this colorful advent calendar for our Disney cruise!  The Christmas decorations came down and the countdown went up…  It will be the first Disney cruise for my mom and our niece {age 24}, and the first one our youngest will remember.  Last time he was 9 months old.  I’m not sure who is the most excited for this trip, but it just might be me.  Every time my imagination gets going or talking to people about it I feel positively giddy.  Last time it was truly a magical experience and well worth the premium price over other cruise lines.  The stops didn’t even matter.  In fact, when we stopped in Nassau The Bahamas it was pouring down rain most of the day.  It didn’t make a dent in the amount of fun the day was for us.  There is no need to get off the ship for all the entertainments.

But enough about that, it is time to talk advent calendars.  Karissa {our niece} came up with the idea to do the advent calendar to help the kids ‘see’ how many days until the big adventure.  It is their birthday trip!  Each year we give them an option of what they want to do for their birthdays.  The choices are gifts, a trip or a party.  All three of them must agree.  The bonus?  None of them have figured out yet that you get presents if you pick a party.  Though I’m not sure how that would work out for those attending…  Would people bring three gifts so each kid had one?  What would you do as a guest?  The twins were born on April 18th and our youngest three years later on April 20th so they are all lumped together within two days.  🙂  Lucky for them too.  We aren’t the kind of parents who would do a party or big celebration at all had they not been born together.

Making the countdown was easy.

The supplies needed are:

12×12 scrapbook paper or other paper of your choice {buy online}
scissors {we used creative edge scissors} {buy online}

Stapler, glue or tape

Picture or something for the finish line {we downloaded a coloring page through our printer which is a feature the kids adore! – buy online}


Karissa and Maddie picked out 4 styles of paper.  Each style of paper was assigned to a specific person and alternated in the design.  This made it very easy for each person to know who’s turn it was to take a link off.  Solid, polka dots and stripes were each assigned to a kid, and the plaid is for an adult to take off.  We haven’t had any fighting over who’s turn it is!!  I really think Karissa is a genius.


{Side Note: We love our caddy to carry and hold the art supplies for downstairs.  It is open for easy access, easy clean up and easy totting to different tables. buy online}


We also wrote the number on each paper to easily know how many days are left until we leave.


Finding the Mickey Mouse coloring sheet with Mickey on the beach was just perfect!


I think we’ll wait until the cruise is over to put our normal decorations up so we can let the advent calendar shine.  Not too much longer and we’ll be partying in the Caribbean!!!


I wanted to feature my sweet friend, Alex, as well.  Love this adorable advent calendar she created with blocks of color highlighted by contrasting week markers!!!  She also made the cute party hat for her baby.   Too adorable!!

In the image below she is celebrating that she made it to 24 weeks pregnant after many years of trying to get pregnant!  A few weeks ago her pregnancy quickly turned into a very high risk pregnancy after witnessing a traumatic event outside her home that sent her into early labor.  She is now on bed rest {most of her time is sitting or lying down} trying to keep her sweet baby boy growing inside for as long as she can.  So proud of her for handling these curveballs with enthusiasm and a positive attitude!!!  For the faithful out there, she can definitely use your prayers.


We would love to see images of advent calendars you have created for any event you and your family want to count down too.  Some great ideas would be for birthdays, moving, Christmas, beginning or end of school, trips, anniversaries and more.  Oh, and it could be fun to count up to something you don’t have an end date for link the birth of a baby.


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