Canning Meats– Not as scary as you think!

One of the basic parts of any food storage plan is protein.  I’m a big proponent of storing what I already eat, and most of the meals that I cook in my home require meat.  For awhile I was trying to buy expensive dehydrated/freeze dried meats, but the price is SUPER high and the quality is only- so so.  When I first heard about canning meat and heard you put the meat in the jar raw, I though EWWW GROSS!!! I had visions of raw meat sitting in jars on my shelf.  I was not interested in learning more about it.  Fast forward a few years later when my friend Shannon Veal fed me a chicken salad made from canned meat.  I was amazed at how great it tasted and when she told me how easy it was, I was even more excited!  I can’t sit down and feed you a yummy meal made from this meat, but I CAN show you how easy it is, and use pictures to do it!  The following link will show you step by step how to can meat with LOADS of pictures.  Its MY site, and has other great food storage information as well, so feel free to browse around. EVERYTHING is free, and there are no ads (Yay!)

Canning Meat- Not as scary as you may think!

Have you tried canning meat before? What are some of your favorite recipes?

We love using canned chicken in Chicken Salad, Enchilada’s, ANY casserole, fettucini alfredo, lettuce wraps, broccoli chicken cheese soup, chicken noodle soup, etc!

We love using canned beef (it comes out shredded)- in Tacos, Spaghetti, Taco Soup, Enchilada’s, Stuffed Peppers, Beef Stroganoff, Etc!

My only problem with canned meat is that we eat it faster than I can seem to can it LOL 🙂  Its so easy to make a quick meal with meat that’s already cooked and ready to go!  This summer we took our canned meat in the jars on our roadtrip and I just opened the can, added mayo and relish and stirred it up, then added it right to the bread for delcious sandwiches!

Making Sandwiches from Home Canned Meat~

Making Sandwiches from Home Canned Meat~



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Cassie Ray Clark - LOVE this post! I’ll be canning my first chicken this coming weekend & will have this page opened for reference! Thanks for sharing!!July 21, 2014 – 10:18 pm

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