And the “Demolition Derby” continues- Kids Bathroom Remodel…Day 2

I’m SO impatient.  As is typical for remodeling, we have encountered some unexpected delays.  Like an old broken down chimney left in the center of my house.  We thought we could just work around it, and even though we were losing space, we were just going to leave things status quo.  Yeah, until we got the wall down and noticed the chimney was decaying.  This was probably put in the original house in the 50’s so its ANCIENT and had to go.  Which meant LOTS of extra work for my husband, and lots of waiting for me.  And lots of sweeping and clean-up and holding the hammer.  We also discovered that we have to remove the tub, since it doesn’t have a lip around the edge so that we can tile it properly.  The previous owners just tiled around it anyway and now we have all sorts of water damage to clean up too.  Lovely.

If you have ever considered a fixer upper, remember the cookie rule, because it always applies!  Once you start a project, even a small one, you always find more and more that needs to be done.  And BOUGHT!

This bathroom is going to be much bigger when we are finished, but what a nightmare right now!  My house is a mess, and in the last 24 hours my kids have watched way more TV than is good for them, and eaten the last of the leftovers for dinner.  Its going to be a long Day 2 on Demolition!!!

Wish me luck!


On the upside- look how much space I am gaining! That used to be 2 rather useless closets with tiny little doors and no shelves. Now they will be SPACE, which we will use to actually turn around in this bathroom.


Don’t you love “The leaning tower of Chimney?”



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