A Gift of Change… for the husband who has EVERYTHING!- Part2

In my earlier post, I regaled you with stories of my horrible housekeeping, and how I made a pledge to give the gift of changing myself to my husband this christmas.  Here’s how I did it!

A Gift of CHANGE

My plan from the beginning was to spend the month of December practicing and developing the habits that would make me BECOME a better housekeeper.  I didn’t really expect it to happen overnight, and it didn’t.  Truly…it was a lot more work than that.

My goal was to deep clean each area of my home, and then maintain the level of cleanliness in that area of the home for the rest of the month.  I started outside with the walkway into our home and moved into the front entryway, and the family room, etc.  I also wanted to finish up all of the projects that were unfinished around the house.  But most importantly I wanted to make a conscious effort to remember to pick stuff up when I see it, and deal with it RIGHT THEN, rather than put it off until “I have the time”.  At first I did a lot of telling myself to pick something up, and then turning around and staring at it, literally.  Then I would slowly walk over and put it away.  I ended up with a lot of legos and papers, and stuff in my pockets each day, and learned to wear an apron with bigger pockets when I am cleaning! LOL 🙂

After a month I can honsestly say I am better! I’m not perfect.  I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, and there are still a couple of rooms that didn’t really get a thourough deep clean.  But I learned to clean while I am tired, because it’s not going to suddenly clean itself…and I probably won’t be any less tired tomorrow.  I learned that my  husband IS happier and more at peace at home when the house is clean.  He is more likely to sit down and pull out a book and read with the kids, or sit and enjoy the backyard on our deck with me, if things are done.  The time we spend together feels more valuable and I love it.  My biggest win of the whole month was the night about a week into my project when he came home and said, “Wow…you would almost think we were putting the house on the market!”.  I think my smile was as big as texas.

So, what now?  I want to keep going!  I am going to choose one aspect of myself each month that I can work on, to better myself.  And I encourage you to join me!  It’s inspired by my love for my husband, but the truth is…now that I HAVE changed? I am happier too.  And that’s a good thing, people.

Merry Christmas!!!

PS- my house is so dirty right now- I cooked all day long and we had a huge party tonight with 12 children 12 and under.  Its a mess…but I am too tired to clean it and it’s killing me!  That’s a sign of how much I have changed as well…because honestly- a month ago that wouldn’t have been an issue. I would have just gone to bed, without letting it bother me.

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