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I love to Garden, and can’t wait to share some of these great ideas to help you with your garden this year!


Me watering our 1st garden almost 13 years ago!

I grew up with a Garden, and always appreciated fresh produce, but didn’t really have a LOVE for digging in the dirt.  Then I married my husband, and things have never been the same!  We had our first garden the very first Summer after we were married.  It was in a little community garden about a 1/4 mile from our apartment and we walked over everyday and watered it and LOVED it.  This is a horrific “first digital cameras to be made and sold” kind of picture, but you can see how happy I am!

We dug in the dirt together, talked together, and enjoyed eating the veggies we grew together.  Since then we have had a Garden nearly every summer.  They haven’t always been as productive, but its always great family time and it brings us closer together.  Plus- I really love Zucchini- like a lot, and where else can you get Zucchini the size of baseball bats if you don’t grow it yourself 😉

So in honor of the 7500 hours I have spent working in our Garden with my husband this week (more about that later) here are 5 fun tips/ideas for your garden!

1)  Start some Seedlings

There are all sorts of fancy expensive seed starter kits you can buy, and we have used most of them at some point.  This year we put our seeds in plastic cups, with mulch, and sat them in front of a window- and honestly it was the best success we have had yet!  Here is a fun and cheap way to start your seeds inside without anything fancy at all!

2) Plan out what you are going to plant

(and where you are going to put it.)

My husband always says I plant WAY too much Zucchini, but I have yet to regret it.  What are you going to plant this year?  Here is a FABULOUS companion planting guide that helps you figure out what to plant together, and what to plant far away from each other.

3) Plan ahead to avoid weeds

There is nothing worse than a garden full of weeds.  They steal important things like nutrients and water from your beautiful plants, and the roots will choke out everything else before you know it.  But weeds are such a pain to pull out! This is a handy list of ways you can prevent weeds before they start, and get rid of them after they come, without harsh chemicals! Let us know if you try some of these ideas out, and tell us how they work. I know I’m going to try the vinegar trick!

4) Incorporate some Structure into your Garden

Last year I actually used sticks we cut from some trees we took down to stake my tomatoes up, and tied them with yarn.  It wasn’t the most effective system, but it worked.  This is a MUCH prettier and sturdier way to stake your tomatoes.  You might also want to try a raised bed.  Both Shannon and I have built raised beds to grow at least part of our Garden in, check out what we built, and give one of our projects a try.  Mine is an inexpensive and quick raised bed, but probably won’t last more than a few years.  Shannon built a much sturdier bed that cost a bit more, but it will be around for many years to come!  You can also just throw some plants into the ground, its better than doing nothing at all!  I have veggie plants in my flower bed this year, the soil was already great, its easy to access, and will look beautiful too!

5) Make your Garden beautiful and fun!

I like to get the whole family involved.  Get your kids doing more than just pulling weeds, and they will want to be a part of what’s going on.  I think I’m going to start with having my kids make some cool markers for my plants, so I know what is where!  I couldn’t choose just one link here- so I’m going to just list these out, because they are so cute!

Make veggies with cute faces by painting rocks!

Make Rainbow Garden Markers

Turn rocks into elegant plant markers

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