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Last This Week in Webland I shared a little about how I like to find joy and happiness in everyday life.  This link is to a great article with 5 simple tips on how you can be happier.

One thing she doesn’t mention is forgiveness which is a really big topic for me.  Truly forgiving any wrongdoing and the wrongdoer will lead you to true happiness.  Holding a grudge or hard feelings, reliving those awful moments again and again will do you no good.  Find a way to let go and forgive regardless of that person making up for their wrong doing or not.  This is probably the very hardest thing for most people to do in life, but it is amazing once you master the art of forgiveness.  :-) Now go read about those 5 simple tips I promised you!  lol    Sorry for getting all heavy on this inspiration share.  We just had a person act vengefully against my family and it definitely tested my forgiveness resolve.


Parents of little kids.  I don’t know about you, but we have been remiss in teaching our kids to tie their shoes.  Amazing velcro has pretty much created a generation of kiddos who cannot do it.  Here is an awesome video and a link to the whole article with step by step pictures here.

Get yours tissues ready!!!  Here is a fabulous video about a family telling their foster teen they want to adopt her even though she is only 6 months away from being 18!  My wonderful older sister came to our family as a teen and I treasure all of our experiences together.  Yep, even the crazy nick names of Shamu and Gumby which one day turned into Shmuby….  lol   Encouraging families to consider Foster Care is one of my passions in life.  Right now we have a full full house with our three kids, my mom and a niece, but one day I hope we can be in a place to offer foster care services ourself.  Everyone deserves chance at a family.  Even a short time in a wonderful home is enough to help some kids be the kind of person who becomes who they are in spite of the things that happened to them instead of becoming who they are because of the things that happened to them!  Love this video of one girl finding her forever family!!!

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