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This week is all about parenting.   Parenting is a journey filled with every high and low possible.  Professionals and other parents are fonts of inspiration in helping us be the best parents we can be.  There is no one right answer for any parent or child, and we can all glean little tie bits from different places.   Hope you get some tips that help you!! - We love this week

1. One tip to stop yelling at your kids

Super cute tip on how to curb a gut reaction to yell.  In the last year I’ve cut down the yelling a lot.  Still could do better, but this tip might be just the ticket to kicking it completely!

Mother reassuring little daughter. She is distracted and crying

2. Modern Day Parenting Crisis

A British nanny gives five reasons modern parenting is harder and not as awesome.

I have to tell you that the village certainly feels dead in public.  A few weeks ago I took the kids to a summer fun movie.  After getting the three 6 year olds settled into their seats and even having a lighthearted moment with the mom a couple seats down, the 3 year old and I headed to the snack bar for our much loved popcorn.  It took 20 minutes.  When we headed back in, my sweet son was scream crying in fear from his seat on the top row.  The lady who we had joked with was Gone!  It wasn’t her place to do anything, but to move seats instead of talking to an obviously scared 6 year old?  The village failed us.  It certainly renewed my desire to help whenever someone in my ‘village’ needs help!

Of course this does not take away from my poor judgement on the readiness of my 6 year old to sit with his twin and cousin.  I take full responsibility for a bad decision that failed my son.


3. Kids playing around the World

This is another one of my visual shares with a collection of children playing around the world.

I feel like this is a reminder to us to let kids play.  Let them play with simple things.  Play with our kids.  Life is better with some playtime!!


4. Parent mag – 8 Tips to be a Better Parent

Their images from this article were super tiny so here is an image of my boys with their cousin having some fun!

I adore the tip about embracing change.  Kids change so much as they grow and develop, if we don’t change to accommodate things can go sour.  Looking back over the last six years of being a parent it is pretty easy to see when we made good adjustments with their changes and when we took wrong turns.  When the twins were babies and one needed a nighttime feeding we woke the other one to eat.  One day I just decided to sooth the waking baby back to sleep.  It worked great!  Then it dawned on me….  How many days, weeks or months ago would this have worked?  lol  We’ll never know.

Us Jul14-1653

4. Raising Well Rounded Kids

This is another Parent’s magazine article on raising well rounded kids.  My personal belief is that a well rounded person can accomplish many great things in life.


Thanks for visiting our site today.  I hope you are inspired and have a wonderful week!

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