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My life started out with travel as did my kids.  We love to travel!  It is such a joy to experience new places, new cultures and especially amusement parks.  Little bit of a ride junkie here, and not he state fair kind of rides.  I love big permanent structures engineered an accompanied by a whole park full of fun!  Another kind of travel I especially like is cruising.  There is also something about unpacking in one place and being transported from place to place to get a taste of new locations all while being fed, relaxed and entertained.  Visiting family and heading anywhere else are fun and enjoyable too.  So really, going new and old places while spending time with those I love suits me just fine.

In our new home, my daughters room got most of the attention leading up to the move and when we first moved in.  She needed a bed.  Oh wait, I have a desk that would be perfect to refinish for her.  And so on..  Her room is adorable and she feels like a super princess even though there still aren’t pictures on her wall

Our two boys room is going to be my favorite room to put together.  It has a, you guessed it, Travel Theme!!  I’m so excited to get in there and create a room that is all boy with dark browns and all things related to travel and different cultures.  My husband is holding out on letting me put our beloved plane propeller on their wall.  Since we all love travel so much he likes it right in the front entry.  Really, I like it there too so will dream up something else for the boys room.

About a year ago I found some sweet inspiration on Pinterest when I came across this image.

map hearts{Image found here}

My imagination started running.  I found a map of the world on Amazon for only $4. I loved the vintage feel to it and the super low price.

{Get it here: World Map}


The map arrived several months before we moved and I waited impatiently for a great big frame sale at Micheals to pick up the five 12×12 inch opening frames from my imagination.  A sale came up and the frames fit well enough at a great price.

The next step was to pick out some scrapbook paper.  I usually buy the big books of scrapbook paper at Micheals when they go on sale for $10 so I had some on hand with a masculine feel.  Since they come in 12×12 squares that’s why I went for the 12×12 frames.  Simple is good.


With the papers picked out I went about cutting out the countries/continents into whatever sections seemed to fit best in the frame while allowing enough of the background paper to show through.  Three big land masses had to be left out or more frames would be needed.  We left out Russia, Antarctica and Canada.  Sorry!  No specific reasons other then Antartica wasn’t shown in one piece on the map, Canada and the rest of N America just wouldn’t fit and I thought China and Africa would be more interesting then Russia for little kids.

My husband is Australian as are our three children so Australia was cut into a heart while the others were roughly around the land mass.  I thought it would be a special tribute to their other ‘homeland’ even though they have yet to make it there.  {Boy are the plane tickets for 5 people crazy expensive!!!}.  TIP:  When cutting out shapes like a heart use a scrap piece of paper to get your heart shape right.  There are a couple ways to make a template on your own.  The simplest is to fold a piece of paper in half and cut out half the heart.  When unfolded you have a heart where both sides matched.  Another way is to cut out a heart free hand which is what I did.  Then I picked the best of the two sides and used the one half to trace my outline flipping it over to match the other half.

When making the diamond shaped piece for behind the heart, I flipped the scrapbooking paper over and used another piece of paper to get the lines strait.  Before cutting I checked the heart placement again.



In the boys room I started with the middle frame and worked my way off to the sides using a level and the tape measure to get my distances right and hang the frames strait.  We have changed almost all of the frames we hang to using either 3m Command picture hangers with the velcro type finish.  These are amazing and do not cause damage to the wall.  Using these made hanging even easier.


Our other experience:   Because they now have two halves that fit together with the little velcro type teeth, the one/s on the frames stayed on when we moved.  This meant we only needed to buy the wall side again!  There also weren’t a bunch of holes to patch in the old home or in our temporary residence!!

I’m so happy with how they turned out in their room and can’t wait to share more additions to the rooms design!


Please share your crafts inspired by this one as we would love to see what you come up with.

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