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Ooooo, my first real DIY idea and blog post!  So excited to share this with you.

We purchased our adorable black Emily cribs by DaVinci just before our twins birth.  They were well loved and well used.  When our extra large bonus baby came along {fertility issues}  we had to switch plans from our original idea to convert the cribs to double beds.  Due to my photography business and our 1300 square foot house we had to fit all three kids in one 13×10 bedroom.  Bunk beds were the ticket.  One crib was given to a friend of ours.  The remaining crib became big baby’s nightly home for the next 12 months, then he was “Done” with the crib going right to the bottom bunk.  Some of the parts we just didn’t think would make the crib safe to use by another child.  So I had an idea the rails might make a good storage tool.  We saved them in our garage.


We all recently moved into a bigger home along with my mother who just retired.  My new studio space is still in our home and it has been so much fun tying to come up with the perfect usable and cute storage for all of my props. I thought it was perfect, but the Ikea Expidit storage just didn’t seem to be cutting it.  My hats and wraps were just not easy for clients to see.  So a few weeks ago I spotted my crib rails in the garage and decided to use them.   Only one would be needed for my studio so I though there must be another use for the other rail.  Then it came to me…  Our closet to supplement the double hanging system we want to put in!  We have ties, baseball caps, belts and scarves.  Maybe even the bottom would hold my high heals!

Off to the hardware store I went.  There I found hinges and door stops in oil rubbed bronze to match the other fixtures in our house.  Since the rails are a finish similar to MDF with a hard finished shell around the wood I had to drill pilot holes for the screws as well as the small hooks I added to hang hats.  Place the railing on a flat surface to attach the hinge.  Place the hinge so it is closed with the hinge part at the edge.  Open the hinge to place the screws. When choosing your drill bit find one that is slightly smaller then the diameter of the screw you are putting in.  This leaves room for the screw to grip into the wood or particle board.

Tip: Pick the prettiest side to place face down when adding the hinges.  Then you will have the nicer side out.


After drilling the pilot holes it was time to put the screws in.  If you use the right size drill bit this should be pretty easy.  Most women should definitely use their hands like shown below to ensure your screw doesn’t start skipping and strip when it is almost fully in.  One side of the rail had an inconvenient hole used to attach it to the sides.  We used the two outside holes to place the screws on that end.  No worries.


Before placing the railing up on the wall, I added my screws for the newborn hats.  The slats were not very thick so I purchased hooks with the most shallow screw ends.  Some of them did poke through a tiny bit.

The wall part can definitely be trickier.  This is where my 6’5″ tall hubby came into play.  Being somewhat new to DIY with real tools I left this part up the expert.  We found a stud for one side and used drywall spreaders for the other.  My job was to hold the railing up in place each time he leveled, placed the appropriate holes, spreaders and then the final time as he placed the screws.


My thought with the door stop is to hold the railing away from the wall a few inches to make accessing anything placed over it like heals, scarves, wraps, etc. easy to put on and take off.  Yep, it works perfectly!!



This is what my studio storage ended up looking like.  I am in Love with it!!!  Even though there is a lot of stuff hanging there, it feels neat and organized.   My sweet husband was not a fan of my idea at first, but after seeing it done said that it looks great.  High praise indeed!



My closet isn’t done yet, but I will certainly share images when it is.  In the meantime I came up with a few uses this crib railing repurpose can be used for.  In a child’s room the storage can be for hats, books, belts, clips to hold artwork & drawings, and maybe even hair bows.  You can hang containers off the rails like the Ikea kitchen storage found here.  Containers hanging off could be a good vertical garden.  In the bedroom or closet you can use the wall storage for shoes, hats, belts and scarves.  We would love to see your finished product or any other ideas you have.  Please leave a comment with a link to pictures or your blog post.

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