SuperHero Shirt Day!


So a wonderful woman that I know is going through some pretty tough times.  Her sweet sister is in critical condition in the hospital with Pneumonia as a result of poor care in the facility where she lived.  This sweet sister is developmentally very young and loves Minnie Mouse.  To reach out and show support for this sweet girl we are asking you to wear a super hero shirt, or Black and Pink and take pictures and upload them here.  My friend will then compile the pictures to show to this angel and help her feel love and support from all over.  If you also want to include your first name and where you live in the comments (just a general location, no personal details of course) then we can show her that people all over are thinking of her!  Here is an excerpt from what my friend said about her sister.

At this point she has days or even hours left on this earth. We are asking family and friends to wear super hero shirts today In support for Mindy (Mighty Mindy Mouse). We want her to feel our love as she approaches the end of her time on earth. Please join with us in wearing a super hero, Minnie Mouse, or pink and black shirt this weekend.

Join us in supporting Mighty Mindy Mouse as she struggles for life, by sporting her colors or a super hero shirt and posting on Facebook to show us!

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Create, a word that means so much more than we give it credit for


People say to me a lot, “Oh you are so creative, you’re so lucky…I wish that I was creative too”.  Its a comment that saddens me, because I truly believe that each of us has creativity in us, we just don’t always recognize or appreciate it.  This quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf is one of my very favorites, because it encompasses what it truly means to be creative.  Not to make something people can see or touch, but to make the world a better place and create beauty that didn’t exist before you.

How do you create?  Consider your life, and the impact you are making on the world around you.  Can you begin to recognize the ways you create, that you might not have noticed or given yourself credit for before?  Can you find more ways to be creative?  To bring happiness and laughter to the world around you?  After all, that’s what we are all about here at Everyday Creative!


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Everyday Creative’s 52 Project – Week 5

Project 52 – Week 5 – Leading Lines

What a fun week of pictures for me!  The weather has been so dreary for weeks.  Lots of rain and clouds.  The sun peeked out and the temperatures were climbing.  Made for a lot more options for me.  I think I am learning to appreciate the assignments more and more each week.  It’s forcing me to look at things in a different way.  PLEASE JOIN US!  I am enjoying this more and more as time goes on.  We want to see what you are doing too.  Post in the comments or on the Facebook page.

I had a terrible time deciding what picture to use this week!  I did narrow it to one and will put a few more on my personal blog.


We must have sent our dreary weather west.  Kesti dealt with an inversion this week, but still managed to get this amazing photo of her youngest.  Isn’t he just adorable?  What a perfect example of leading lines too.  It leads straight to that sweet boy.


Richard took a moment out of his very busy week to take this great shot.


I cannot stop staring at Shannon’s photo this week.  Just so tender and sweet!  What mother wouldn’t melt at the thought of capturing an image of her children at a moment like this?


The Mission – Share one picture a week using the theme prompt.

 The Goal – Improve our picture taking skills & become more creative.

 The Result – Sharing with other creative women as we accomplish this year long goal.

 The Details – Weekly themes will be posted each Thursday.  You can share your images in the comments and on our Facebook page, or follow along without posting.  We’ll do shout outs and favorite shares from the prior weeks assignments on Facebook and on our weekly theme posts.

Week 1 -Bokeh

Week 2 – Silhouette

Week 3 - Window

 Week 4 – Rule of Thirds

Week 5 – Leading Lines

Next Week – Perspective


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Create an Advent calendar – Destination = Fun!

Advent calendars don’t have to be for Christmas anymore!   Not that they strictly were, but it is what I’ve always associated them with.


My family created this colorful advent calendar for our Disney cruise!  The Christmas decorations came down and the countdown went up…  It will be the first Disney cruise for my mom and our niece {age 24}, and the first one our youngest will remember.  Last time he was 9 months old.  I’m not sure who is the most excited for this trip, but it just might be me.  Every time my imagination gets going or talking to people about it I feel positively giddy.  Last time it was truly a magical experience and well worth the premium price over other cruise lines.  The stops didn’t even matter.  In fact, when we stopped in Nassau The Bahamas it was pouring down rain most of the day.  It didn’t make a dent in the amount of fun the day was for us.  There is no need to get off the ship for all the entertainments.

But enough about that, it is time to talk advent calendars.  Karissa {our niece} came up with the idea to do the advent calendar to help the kids ‘see’ how many days until the big adventure.  It is their birthday trip!  Each year we give them an option of what they want to do for their birthdays.  The choices are gifts, a trip or a party.  All three of them must agree.  The bonus?  None of them have figured out yet that you get presents if you pick a party.  Though I’m not sure how that would work out for those attending…  Would people bring three gifts so each kid had one?  What would you do as a guest?  The twins were born on April 18th and our youngest three years later on April 20th so they are all lumped together within two days.  :-) Lucky for them too.  We aren’t the kind of parents who would do a party or big celebration at all had they not been born together.

Making the countdown was easy.

The supplies needed are:

12×12 scrapbook paper or other paper of your choice {buy online}
scissors {we used creative edge scissors} {buy online}

Stapler, glue or tape

Picture or something for the finish line {we downloaded a coloring page through our printer which is a feature the kids adore! – buy online}


Karissa and Maddie picked out 4 styles of paper.  Each style of paper was assigned to a specific person and alternated in the design.  This made it very easy for each person to know who’s turn it was to take a link off.  Solid, polka dots and stripes were each assigned to a kid, and the plaid is for an adult to take off.  We haven’t had any fighting over who’s turn it is!!  I really think Karissa is a genius.


{Side Note: We love our caddy to carry and hold the art supplies for downstairs.  It is open for easy access, easy clean up and easy totting to different tables. buy online}


We also wrote the number on each paper to easily know how many days are left until we leave.


Finding the Mickey Mouse coloring sheet with Mickey on the beach was just perfect!


I think we’ll wait until the cruise is over to put our normal decorations up so we can let the advent calendar shine.  Not too much longer and we’ll be partying in the Caribbean!!!


I wanted to feature my sweet friend, Alex, as well.  Love this adorable advent calendar she created with blocks of color highlighted by contrasting week markers!!!  She also made the cute party hat for her baby.   Too adorable!!

In the image below she is celebrating that she made it to 24 weeks pregnant after many years of trying to get pregnant!  A few weeks ago her pregnancy quickly turned into a very high risk pregnancy after witnessing a traumatic event outside her home that sent her into early labor.  She is now on bed rest {most of her time is sitting or lying down} trying to keep her sweet baby boy growing inside for as long as she can.  So proud of her for handling these curveballs with enthusiasm and a positive attitude!!!  For the faithful out there, she can definitely use your prayers.


We would love to see images of advent calendars you have created for any event you and your family want to count down too.  Some great ideas would be for birthdays, moving, Christmas, beginning or end of school, trips, anniversaries and more.  Oh, and it could be fun to count up to something you don’t have an end date for link the birth of a baby.


Get Organized is your source for hot home organizational products.

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DIY : Jewelry Hanger

Jewelry Hanger

I know I’m not the first person to hopelessly muddle my way through a tangle of necklaces piled into a drawer or box somewhere, trying desperately to wrangle one out of the pile.  Well, I finally decided I had had ENOUGH!  I needed something to organize my jewelry, and I needed it fast.  I don’t have much jewelry, but what I DO have was useless to me in a pile of knots. So I browsed through etsy and found plenty of lovely ideas but nothing within my budget (isn’t this always the problem lol).  So I made a trip out to my scrap woodpile, and chose a simple 1×6 board piece leftover from a bed I made for a friend last year.  It was about 15 inches long and I figured it would work perfectly.

First I wood burned it, to put some detail on, and make it look pretty.  I learned a bit about woodturning from my little sister who has a great shop on etsy- Krafty Kaleidoscope , but to be perfectly honest, this was my first attempt!  I was surprised at how simple this basic type of woodburning is to do!  You just apply gentle pressure as you slide the tool slowly across your sketch.  (You should probably sketch something first, I just free-handed it, and wished I’d thought it out a bit better in hindsight).  I bought a simple woodburning tool at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon and only paid about 15 dollars for it that way, so its a nice investment to have for plenty of projects!

You don’t have to wood burn yours though, you could just put the nails in a pattern, or paint a design onto the wood first.  Whatever you method you choose, apply your design first.

Then simply use various sizes of small nails and nail directly and firmly into the board, leaving the nail sticking slightly out.  I used a variety of sizes of nails for 2 reasons, 1 I like the way it looks and 2 it gives me smaller hooks for smaller items to hang on:)

Jewelryhanger2Then simply mount on your wall and hang your jewelry.  I wanted it up in a hurry, so I simply drilled a 1/2 hole into the back of the wood and put a nail in the wall- then placed the hole onto the nail.  It works, however I have to keep the jewelry very carefully balanced, or it tilts to one side.  I highly recommend spending the 2.50 or so at Lowes for some picture mounting hardware, so you can avoid this same problem.

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